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Mark Payne is a counsellor and coach with training in Neuro-linguistic programming and Cognitive-behavioural therapy. He has ten years experience of working with addicts and alcoholics and is a former teacher.

His sessions include a focus on narrative therapy and he runs one-to-one sessions with men, women and adolescents.

How does cognitive-behavioural therapy work?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps people to understand the thoughts and feelings that influence their behaviours. It can help people to improve their thoughts and habits, especially in relation to difficult or problematic patterns.

We can work together to find new solutions and options to help you take control of your future. Problems from the past often influence us in the present. We will work together to set up new pathways for success and to develop strategies and techniques that will help you with your present difficulties. The past cannot be changed, but your approach to today and the future can be.

What is narrative therapy?

Human beings are storytelling animals, this is how we understand our world. In these stories we typically assign ourselves certain roles; classics are the hero, the victim, the scapegoat and the comedian.

Sometimes the roles we assign ourselves put us in conflict with those around us or the situation we find ourselves in.

Our patient focused-sessions will help us to find better ways to navigate your life.

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